The Phana Monkey Project is a humanitarian project born in Phana (Thaïland) in March 2011. This project takes care of the Don Chao Poo Forest and of their inhabitants. The main aims of the Phana Monkey Project are to :

Promote the safety and well-being of the monkey population

There are about 800 long-tailed macaques in the Don Chao Poo Forest. Our job is to feed and give them water and clean up the forest. Our goal is not to domesticate monkeys but to help them feel safe.

Promote the forest and initiate on-going research

Thanks to its flora and fauna diversity, the Don Chao Poo Forest can allow students and researchers to carry out their own projects. This forest is not only populated by monkeys but also by a lot of other species like typical insects of this tropical climate and lizards.

Promote and control tourist and school visits

Long-tailed macaques are a popular attraction but may become overfed by visitors, which could lead to over-population compared to the size of the forest. Visitors may also damage the forest. However tourism and school visits are necessary to make people aware of the forest issues at stake.

Provide assistance to the community

The project has led to the creation of a study centre to encourage scientific interest among the local community, especially school children. It’s a place where volunteers and researchers can offer their knowledge such as French, English or dancing classes to the local population.