Getting to Phana


The best way to get to Phana is via Ubon Ratchathani.

By air

You can fly by Air Asia, Nok Air and Smile (Thai) to Ubon. It’s a 55 minute flight. Thai is the most expensive but you get a full baggage allowance and it flies frome the same airport you arrive at (Suwannaphum / Suvannaphumi). Air Asia and Nok Air fly from Don Muang Airport ; there is no problem if you have spent a day or so in Bangkok. You can book any of these online. Book on the airlines’ own website for the cheapest fares and promotions.
We can usually pick you up from the airport.

By train

From Hualampong Station, Bangkok.
Overnight train is probably best and 2nd class sleeper is what we always use. It leaves at about 8 p.m and you should arrive at 7.30 a.m (but it is often late so don’t worry about it, your station is the terminus). You need to book in advance but can no longer do this online so when you will arrive to Bangkok, the earliest the better, think to go the the Hualampong Station to buy your tickets. The fare is about 750 baht. A cheaper option is to take the early morning Special Express train which arrives at Ubon at 2.10 p.m (see the website below for a review of this service) costing about 550 baht.
Useful website (but note that you CAN NOT buy tickets online) :
We can usually pick you up from the railway station terminus at Ubon Ratchathani.

By bus (coach)

Take a VIP air con bus to Ubon Ratchathani – Nakornchai Air bus company.




6.30 p.m

7.10 a.m

Economy Class

7 p.m

7.35 a.m

Gold Class

7.15 p.m

6.15 a.m

Express Gold Class

Fares are amounted to an average of 600 baht.
The buses to Ubon go from Mor Chit bus terminal which you can almost reach by metro and/or sky train but then you must take a taxi a short distance.
We can usually pick you up from Ubon Ratchathani bus station.

When you get to Mor Chit Terminal building, make your way up to the third floor. That is where you will find all the bus lines that service the Northeast region of Thailand which includes Ubon.

It can a bit intimidating but just look for the name of your destination and choose the time and class you want. There is usually a sign at the window with the gate number in the bus you are buying a seat on.